Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Someone found them, and won't let go...

She has been grabbing her feet for a few weeks now, but recently that is ALL she wants to do... and she's got a kong fu grip on them.

It makes changing diapers a little more difficult...

...and her rainforest friends sometimes get in the way of her acrobatics...

...but its okay, cause it sure is cute!

I could just eat her up!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Special Visit!

Guess who came to visit this little one this weekend?

Her Annie and Jaybo!

Annie and Jaybo flew up to Winston to see us and to spend some special time with Millie.
We had a great weekend, and Millie loved having some extra lovin' from her grandparents!

We went on lots of walks and toured around the town, so Millie spent lots of time in the 'bob.'

On Saturday, we walked around "Old Salem" and saw some interesting people dressed in their period piece costumes.  I'm not gonna lie- it was kinda strange.... but we did enjoy the scenery and Millie loved being outside.  

When we weren't "going back in time," we did lots of hanging out at the house.
Millie even got to try out her new johnny jump up for the first time...

She's not too sure what to think of it and hasn't quite figured out that she can make the thing jump...

...but she does like to twirl in it.  

She also got to hang out in her froggy (space saver) exersaucer...

We loved spending time with Annie and Jaybo and miss them already!  

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Play Dates

Last week Millie and I had a few play dates!

Before we left Augusta, we got to meet some new precious little friends for the first time.  

Meet Mae and Ella.  

Millie loved playing with them and I am sure she is going to teach them all she knows...since she is so much older and wiser =)

While the girls played, I got to catch up with some of my best friends, Victoria and Kathryn!  We talked about mama stuff and how our babies are so cute.  

Feet were compared and I don't really know why, but it was cute. 

Ella looks like she is dancing with joy because she is having so much fun, and Mae is singing a little tune to celebrate!

Mimi Barrett got in on some of the fun too!

We had a great time and I can't wait to wait to watch these girls grow up together.

When we got to Birmingham, we were so excited to see our wonderful friends there!! 

Millie got to catch up with her pals...

She loved seeing Evie, Rogers, and Ruthie...and I loved seeing how big they have all gotten since we left!

This picture is too cute!

Sweet Ruthie gave Millie some lovin'!

I feel like just yesterday, Liz, Jordan, Katie and I were all pregnant together wondering what our life was going to be like once our babies arrived.  Now we can't imagine our lives without them!  I loved seeing them all together!

I was lucky to have my own "playdate" in Birmingham too!  

In between class reunion events, we went to a friend's wedding where we got to catch up with sweet friends...
Maggie, Wellon, Katie (with Rogers),  me, Key, Emily, Liz, and Jordan

I got to give little Rogers some extra squeezes...

...and I got to have the best time with great friends!
(Thanks Katie for the pictures!)

Trip to B'ham

This past weekend we headed back to Birmingham for Brown's 10 year reunion and to see family and friends that we miss so much.  Its crazy to think that the last time everyone saw Millie, she was only 2 weeks old!!
Oh how she has grown since then!!

Millie is such a lucky girl to spend time with such special people!  She loved getting loved on by her Annie and Jaybo.

All of Annie and Jaybo's grandchildren!

Millie also had so much fun with her Cousins...

Luke was so sweet with her!  He definitely has a way with babies.

Reese taught Millie how to share!!

Aunt Laurie Anne gave Millie some special lovin' as well...

Millie telling Taylor and Laurie Anne a very interesting story I am sure.

Millie with her Baba and Gangan!

I realized after we left that I didn't get a picture with DeeDee or Elaine!!  I guess we will have to make another trip back to get those. =)

The 8 hour trips there and back weren't too bad, and Millie did as well as she could have in the car.
Poor thing seemed so bored.

We only had to stop twice to feed her and she loved getting out to stretch her legs...and get some food.

Brown got tired of driving, so he let Millie take the wheel...

She did pretty well for her first time driving.  The only thing she had trouble with was reaching the pedals....and not getting chin burn every time she turned the wheel.  Hopefully she will get better before she is 16.

We miss you Birmingham!