Thursday, August 5, 2010

3 Months!

My "Silly Millie" is 3 months old!!

I can't believe how much she has changed!  Her little personality is so cute and I love every second with her!

She recently has become a huge "talker."  She is constantly babbling and telling us stories.  If only we knew what she was saying.

She also loves to "sing" in the car like her mama... especially to Carrie Underwood. 

When she is not singing, she like relaxing under the tree in the front yard.

She is SO happy when she is outside. 

Happy 3 months Millie!!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my precious Millie!!!!!! It seems I can't remember what it was like before you arrived. You have brought your family so much happiness and we love you so very much. Hurry to Augusta to see us. I love you (and Mama and Daddy too)

  2. Holy cow....I have never seen a cuter baby. Kat, you better hide her because I am going to smooch on her and put her in my pocket when I finally see her and get these kiddos together! I love you and wish you were here to take photos of my babies! Love you.

  3. the pictures are wonderful. Millie is a beautiful girl and your neighborhood and yard look lovely. I hope you will settle in and find lots of wonderful friends. I love you all!!!

  4. She is a beautiful baby!! I hope I get to see all of you this coming weekend!! I'm dying to get to hold and love on Millie and Mimi Barrett!! Love you all,
    Aunt Mary