Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Hairdo

I forgot to post this picture:

This makes me laugh so hard!

Luke was the BEST entertainer/babysitter all week at the lake!  If we lived in Birmingham, I would definitely hire him to come over and play with Millie.  He was so sweet to her and she loved watching him.  
He would roll her all around the house in the walker.   They would go to "Africa," "Canada," and many other exotic places.  On one of their "trips," Millie came back with a new hair style.  I guess Luke thought she need some spicing up with one of Reese's hair bows.  

Millie doesn't seem too sure about her new look.  
Maybe she will warm up to it once she grows a little more hair =)

Thanksgiving 2010!!

For Millie's first Thanksgiving, we headed to the lake to spend time with some of our favorite people!
We love going to the lake and its such a perfect place to have Thanksgiving!  
When we are there, we get to relax, spend time together, 
and eat....there is definitely always LOTS of eating.

Millie liked kicking back and eating next to Reese!

On Thanksgiving, there were 3 different turkeys being made!  Brown and Jaybo were in charge of smoking this turkey on the green egg...

Here they are after the smoking...

The guys took a stab at making the gravy.  (Thankfully Elaine was there to supervise help out).

 Annie made this AMAZING Italian Cream Cheese cake...

It had 6 layers!!  And every single one was to die for...

While all the cooking was going on, Millie just hung around and jumped...

...and looked cute...

...and got to hang out with Laurie Anne and her new Uncle Taylor...

We got to visit with some very special people...

...and "veg" out on the sofa after the meal.
(Brown obviously ate too much dressing).

The weather was perfect, so we were able to enjoy the fresh air!

What a precious picture!

Millie loved snuggling with her Annie!

And she loved looking out at the pretty lake.

I think Millie liked her first Thanksgiving.

During the rest of the weekend, there was lots of hanging out...

And getting geared up to watch Auburn in the Iron Bowl!!!

Millie is still undefeated as an Auburn Tiger!!!  She helped cheer the tigers on to an exciting victory against "The Bammers."  It was so exciting and Millie didn't know what to think about all the screaming and yelling!!

Graham, Taylor, and Luke promised to jump in the lake (in the FREEZING COLD) if Auburn won.
Of course Auburn won!  So we bundled up to go see them in action!  

Ahhh!  I get cold just looking at them!

Millie just thought they were funny, and flashed them her new smile....

I don't know where this smile came from, but its pretty funny.  
(This picture can't fully capture it).

Our last night there, we got to celebrate Annie's birthday!!!

Elaine made an amazing pecan caramel shortbread cake!

I was so excited that we got to be there to celebrate her!!  
She is such a wonderful mother and grandmother!!

Here she is with Jaybo and all her grandchildren!!

What a wonderful time at the lake!  It was hard to leave and head back... especially since it took 10 hours to get back to NC!!  Ugh!

Millie actually did really well though.  There was only one "GET ME OUT OF THIS CARSEAT" moment... so we distracted her with Baby Einstein. 

At one of the many stops at the gas station, she changed into her pajamas....

...and had a little Mother Theresa moment...

She is praying that we would hurry up and put her in her bed!  

Sorry for the long post!!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Fun Play Dates

We have been "on the go" for the past 3 weeks!  
We've gone from Birmingham, to Augusta, back to Birmingham, and then to the lake for Thanksgiving!  
Along the way, we got to see some fun friends!

While in Augusta, Millie and I got to meet Oliver, my "womb" friend Becca's, little boy.  He is too cute and so little and sweet!  Its crazy to think that we have babies.  We have known each other since birth (hence while I call her my "womb friend"), and I hate that we live on opposite sides of the country!  I also got to see my sweet friend Mary Neil and her precious little boy Mac!  I love those two!

While in Birmingham, Millie got to hang out with Susannah Grace, my friend Melinda's little girl!  Melinda and I were both pregnant while teaching 3rd grade together.  These girls spend a lot of time together before they were even born!

They had fun playing, while their mommies got to catch up.

For two very smiley girls, we had a hard time getting pictures of them smiling!  Maybe they were scared of the crazy faces we were making.

We also got to go to lunch with some other B'ham friends, but got no pictures... maybe next time.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


How precious are these pictures!

I love this family and I LOVE these pictures!  
Click on the link and make a comment!  If they get 50 comments, they get a free gift.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


These two girls are too cute together.  
(Even though they look completely bored in this picture!)
I think we may just have to call them "M & M"-- Millie and Mimi Barrett.

I can't wait to watch them grow up together!

Good thing they have each other, because they look a little out numbered with all these BOYS!!!

There will probably be lots of dolls, tea parties, playing house... 
and hopefully when they get older, they will have each other to talk to.

Their mommies think it's cute to dress them as twins...

Millie is always tugging and pulling on Mimi Barrett!

Ahh!  I hope she doesn't keep this up. 

Mimi Barrett is saying, "UGH!  Will you people get this crazy girl off of me!"

Millie's response to me telling her to be gentle.
"Sorry Mom."

Hug and make it up to her!
They love each other!

What precious best friends/cousins!!!