Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmastime Fun!

We've been up to lots of fun things this past week!

First, precious Charlie and I had a special "aunt/nephew" craft extravaganza.
We made salt dough ornaments from Darby's blog...

Clearly, we did the version where Charlie is the one who cut everything out, painted, and chose the ribbon.

His favorites where the Rudolph and the train with camo ribbon.

After the ornaments, we made our very own snowman!

I know you are dying for a "tutorial" on this beautiful snowman, but if you have at least a 2nd grade education, you should hopefully be able to figure it out!

After all our "crafting," we headed to the park!
Millie just hung out in the swing....literally...just hung out.
This is what she looked like most of the time...

Not much expression...

and not too sure about the swing...

After a while she warmed up...

and started enjoying herself.

Her pal Mimi Barrett joined her!

She seemed very relaxed too...

and pretty cute...

Next to them was this guy...

Pure joy!

The "big" boys and Jim...

Also this week, we got to celebrate with May May for her 24th birthday!

We love parties! 

We also love snuggling...

and playing...

I have a feeling this house is going to be crazy on Saturday!
Can't wait!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Two Peas in a Pod

This has been what Millie has been up to...

Millie LOVES playing with her cousin Mimi Barrett!!

They are so cute together...

...and they smile and "talk" to each other every time we put them together.

The love bouncing side by side in their twin Santa outfits and their twin jumpers.

In between their jumps, they try to reach each other's hands!

Cousins are the best!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Why does this one say "Da Da Da Da" ALL the time?  
What happened to "Ma Ma?"

Why do pants, no matter what size they are, always fit like capris?

Why is she so cute?

Why is it SO cold outside, we can't go out and play?

Why does the TV put her in a trance? 

WHY does she blow bubbles with food in her mouth?!?!? (Causing her mama having to wear and apron when feeding her and say "no no!" 50,000 times per meal).

I don't know...
But I sure do love her so much!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

7 Months (a little late)

I'm a little late on this one, but on the 3rd, Millie turned 7 months old!

It's a little harder now to get a picture with a sign.  
She definitely doesn't just sit there and look at it like she used to.

In an attempt to get a picture, I had to move the sign away from her.

(Excuse the runny nose).

Not much better...mainly because she is obsessed with the Christmas tree.  Even without the sign, she is still distracted.

To add more to the distraction, I let her hold the beautiful ornament Miss Vera Lynn gave her.

Normally she would put it directly in her mouth,

but instead, she immediately sniffed it!  Yes SNIFFED.

Oddly, she has been obsessed with smelling things?!?  She smells her toys, my shoulder, my hair, her hands... the list goes on.  She's a quirky little one... I don't know where she got that from??

Some other things she loves are:

- her bath

She LOVES playing and kicking in the water, and especially loves playing with the running water.  She cries every time I take her away from it!

- No, she still doesn't love being on her tummy, but is getting better!  And has rolled over a whole 4 times... clearly she doesn't care about those silly "milestones."

- looking cute in her "preppy" polo popped collar outfit

- blowing bubbles... especially right when I put food in her mouth... not cool.

- wearing bunnies on her feet

- Christmas time! 

- playing with all her "peeps"

- being sweet

- and smiling!

Millie is SO fun and we love every second with her!
She did drop to 3 bottles after she started solid foods.  She likes all her veggies and fruits, and she likes her Mum Mums and water for snack.  Thankfully, she has gotten SO much better with her naps and still sleeps over 12 hours at night.  

I still can't believe how quickly time flies!  She will be 8 months old before we know it!