Monday, January 31, 2011

Dear Tooth Fairy...

Guess what?

Last weekend we discovered that Millie got her first tooth!

She has been pretty tight lipped about it...

and won't ever let anyone look at it....

but if you look closely, you may catch a glimpse of the top of that pearly white...

Okay, that's enough.  No more looking.

Instead, she is just going to sit there and look at her mommy making crazy sounds in an attempt to get her to laugh or do something.

Better luck next time.

It may be a while before we see you tooth fairy, but I guess we are one step closer than we were before!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mimi Barrett's Baptism

Last weekend, precious Mimi Barrett was baptized in Augusta!  
(Clearly, this is VERY late).
It was such a special day and we loved getting to spend time with our family.

Mimi Barrett and Nonnee

Mimi Barrett and her parents

She was SUCH a good girl...especially after finding out that she had double ear infections!

Such a pretty girl!

M & M (Mimi Barrett and Millie) with Nonnee, Papa, and Aunt Kat

Millie loved sitting with her Papa!

All 5 Mildreds!...yes, Mildred. 
(All of which have a nickname, but my mom.  She isn't bitter or anything =)

The Katherines.
Aunt Kat looks like she should be one of the sisters!

The whole Cohen crew - except the Pendleys =(

The Cohens

Aunt Kat and Michael

The Wills

This picture is priceless.  Mimi Barrett is thinking, "what am I gonna do with all these boys?!?"

Millie is saying, "Bless you child."

Sweet Family

Me with my sweet niece!

Mama and daughter

The girls with Nonnee and Papa

Sisters with M & M

Sweet girls

"Whatch ya lookin at Willis?"

When we weren't celebrating the baptism, we just got to spend some special time together.

Millie loved playing with her Aunt Kat!

She especially loved her necklace.

We also got to check on Doc's new 3D TV.

Nonnee and Papa might not know what they are looking at, but they sure look cool doing it!

Brown's favorite way to watch football.

What a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mohawk Monday

Millie is sportin' a new do.

So sleek.  So stylish.

Millie is workin' it.

Who needs a bow when you've got a mohawk?!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lots of Fun

This weekend Millie got to hang out with some new friends.

They weren't that full of conversation, so she decided to call on her best friend Mimi Barrett.
They decided to enter a "who has the most rolls?" contest.  

The judges lost count of all the rolls, so they declared a tie!  
Mimi Barret was so excited she squealed for joy!

So did Millie!

"Good game."

But really the main purpose of the weekend, was to celebrate this guy's 3rd birthday!!!!

Monday was Porter's birthday (as well as Dee Dee and Uncle Michael's birthday!)
Porter was hysterical the whole day.  He walked around all day saying, "My birthday is in January."
And every time we told him "happy birthday,"  he would respond, "happy birthday!" 

The day was filled with playing, running around, and hanging out in birthday hats.

For dinner we ate Porter's favorite food, "bazanza" (aka lasagna), 
and we wore our "jamazins" (aka pajamas).

We ate yummy birthday cake...

and we had special entertainment from the two "jumping birthday fairies"...

He got lots of fun presents, but I think the "Mr. Evil Doctor Porkchop" flashlight that his Aunt KaKa and Uncle Brown gave him was the favorite.  I wish I got a picture of it.

What a sweet, funny, and special 3 year old!

Happy Birthday!