Monday, October 10, 2011

Labor Day

Clearly, its been a very long time since I updated since I am just now posting about Labor Day! 
Its now fall, and Millie has changed so much even in a month, but we had such a great time at the lake over Labor Day that I had to share.  

Millie got to spend some special time with her cousins, and let me tell you, she LOVED every minute of it.  Sweet Luke is so good with her.  He showed her how to play with trains, he ran around the house with her, and he read books to her.

He also taught her about how to cheer for the Auburn tigers and how her Daddy and Uncle Graham are FANATICS so you can't disturb them while the game is on.

Luke must have done a good job of teaching her about Auburn, because she is now obsessed with pointing out the AU symbol and saying, "Auboo!" and she does a pretty cute tiger roar.

They also got to get some extra loving from Baba and GanGan which is always fun.

Annie introduced Millie to Auburn tattoos on the cheek, and it looks pretty cute if I do say so...

When the game was over, she got to do a victory dance with her DeeDee!

While at the lake, we got to take a dip and enjoy the pretty day!

Millie loves birds, so she spent most of her time bird watching...

She loved spending time with Laurie Anne and Taylor,

and she especially loved playing with her furry cousin, Hazel!  

It was such a fun weekend with some of our favorite people!

Happy late Labor Day!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We're Alive

Yes, it has been almost a month and a half since the last post, but we are alive!
We've been traveling, enjoying that fall weather, spending time together, selling things on ebay, watching the show "Parenthood," and pinning on Pinterest (thanks Elaine for introducing me!)

I will try to get better at posting!
Until next time...